Various designs of cyberware exist within the world, and each design has varying degrees of quality. everything from the basic neural interface to the full prosthetic body. Individuals that posess a synthetic body and an individual spirit are referred to as cyborgs.

Most cyborgs are created as a reult of a crippling illness or accident, but a few people decide for themselves that metal feels more natural than flesh. In either case, the process is prohibitively expensive, and few are able to walk away free from the operation. For the rest, they are owned by whatever company paid for the operation, and essentially spend the rest of their extended lives working off their debt. In most cases, it is nearly impossible to spot a cyborg among its own race. However, a few patients show an aptitude for combat, and are re-fitted with military technology to work as private security. Military re-fits are almost always easy to spot, and are always extremely dangerous.

The technological leap that made partial body replacement possible was Conact Neural Interfacing, or establishing a connection dirctly to the brain's neural pathways. The process was first used in military armor suits, as it allowed for nearly instantaneous reaction times. Piloting in this way can be very taxing for those not trained for it, although untrained people can do it. The usual result is someone who is physically and mentally exhausted. This advancement is not without danger, all neural interfaces pose the threat of absorbtion, where the physical body can no longer distinguish between itself and the equipment. It seems ideal for things like prosthetics, but it is extremely hazardous for armor suits, because now there is someone traped in a 3 ton, 8 foot tall, heavily armed and armored piece of military technology, and the person inside will fight to stay in at all costs.