Possibly the most mysterious, and rarest race of Ravenara , the humans are the last surviving race of the Rift. They

are no longer naturally born, but are the result of a rare recessive trait among Tarrakan that stabilizes their genetic structure. This same trait is what the stabilization compound that is injected into Tarrakan at birth is dervied from. Historically, Humans are capable of unbelievably violent acts, and are often regarded as either fairy tales or boogey-men, depending on the legend. They tend to have a rather calm disposition, until an agressor manages to earn their ire. Modern humans still possess the violent capabilities of their ancestors, but rarely are they able to bring themselves to act in such a way. Fighting with their savage nature, along with their genetic rarity, have made Humans extremely adaptable. They have a peculiar talent that allows them to pick up any skill quickly.