Male Jungle Kallen

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A race of warriors that inhabit their ancestral grounds upon mountaintops and deep within forests. They appear to be furry, blind savages. This is far from accurate, as they possess a complex array of senses to compensate for their lack of eyes. These senses include echolocation, scent, and in the case of the Mountain Caste, infrared perception. The remnants of their ancient caste hierarchy can still be seen, as the castes required differing physical and mental abilities, and as a result, those favored traits developed more rapidly in their respectvie caste. The castes were named for natural elements, specifically River, Jungle, and Mountain. It was customary for all Kalleni of age to serve in the military, after their required service ended, they could re-enlist as an officer As the castes are genetically similar, they are able to interbreed, although social stigma largely prevents them from doing so. Since the race does not posess eyes, they prefer to use melee weapons, although some have been trained to use guns to some degree. Even those with firearms training are only effective within the range of their senses, which is a considerably shorter distance than true sight, usually maxing out at a natural range of 75ft.

River Caste

The River Kallen were the ruling class of the ancient Kalleni. Although they are a little smaller then the other castes, standing on average between 4' 8" -- 5' 6", they are noted as remaining patient and calm under the most stressful situations. Due to their smaller size, they are able to access places other races struggle to access. In the military, they usually find themselves in either the leadership position or the forward scout position.

Mountain Caste

The Mountain Kallen made up the bulk of the ancient Kalleni military, and to this day are the largest caste physically, with an average height between 6' 6" -- 8' 0". They are known for their immense strength and for fighting with a curious mix of almost zealous fervor and calculating precision. From an early age, they are taught of the glory of warfare, and as a result, see the act of dying in battle as the most honorable way to die.

Jungle Caste

The Jungle Kallen were, and in some cases still are, the lowest ranking caste of the ancient Kalleni. Their duty to the community was to be the ever important tradesman. Many had other ideas of how to obtain their wealth, and formed what was to eventually become some of the great crime families, which is why the caste is generally looked dawn upon. Their standing height is camparable to a Tarrakan, between 5' 0" -- 7' 0", however, their talent lies in their almost supernatural ability to remain and move silently, developed specifically to defeat the Kalleni's own enhanced hearing.