Zuren biotech scientist, accompanied by his Mountain Kalleni personal guard. A brilliant scientist, responsible for many of the cybernetic/biotech breakthroughts in the past 40 years. He is an infamous prankster, his favorite joke involves grafting a random body part or piece of technology to anyone he can get near. The victim immediately gains full control of whatever was attached to them, if applicable. He refined his technique on Geoffrey, his guard.


A Sylph freelance agent, her talent lies in moving information around the city discreetly and quickly. Her strengths include weapon training and parkour.

She works for an organization called "The Runners", led by the mysterious figure named "Corvus".

NPCs to AddEdit

The Bartender (Bunraku)

The Drug Dealer (Repo)

Whitey (Malice in Wonderland)

Rasputin (CEO, Villian)

Scar (Villian)

Frollo (Minister)

Perfectionist Techpriest