Ravenara is a planet of elemental chaos. The atmosphere is able to support life easily, but a cataclysmic event known as "The Rift" destroyed most of the sentient life on the planet, and warped and tainted the rest with unstable elemental chaos. The surface is ruled by massive embodiments of elemental fury labeled "Colossus" or "Colossi". The safest region on the planet is Isla Kilei, A small continent, about 450,000 sq mi. in size, in the tropical belt of the planet. The continent has been completely taken over by the sprawling towers of Blackwater City.

Aside from Blackwater City, there are mobile military bases roming the other continents searching for raw materials. The roving cities double as mining and drilling rigs, but have to be mobile to avoid the Colossi. The largest of the mobile rigs, a gargantuan metal device that takes up a 150 sq mi. area, is Kekare.

Blackwater City Edit

Decaying orbit of the colony ship “The Element” lands in the ocean. Forced to defend itself from Earth elemental Attacks within the first 20 years. Most of the more advanced defence systems were destroyed, the engines totaled, the hull heavily damaged. the elementals’ bodies expanded the landmass around the ship into a livable island. the point defense turrets became the perimeter defence grid. The still working long range weapons ensured the city’s safety from invading forces. It’s central and heavily defended position ensured the city’s expansive growth to the limits of the island it rested on.

Covering roughly 450,000 sq mi, the city sprawls across the artificial island as far as the eye can see. The city is separated into eight districts, each having developed distinct cultures and customs. Seen from a distance, the skyscrapers and skylanes that compose the majority of the city shine in the twin suns, with a gentle slope to the skyline peaking at the capitol building in Senate Hill.

Once inside the city, the maze of buildings, pathways and skylanes are near impossible to navigate without assistance or vast knowledge of the city. Most of the pathways, green spaces, and vehicle roadways are constructed atop buildings, due to overconstruction. The city also boasts an advanced AR system, covering most of the upper city. It is entirely possible to see visually what kind of programs are being utilized.

The city is split into eight districts, each the size of a large city in itself, with an unofficial ninth district filling in anywhere else. This layout means there is no area without construction.