The Tarrakan are a single race, but with vast physical differences based on upbringing, personality, and genetic disposition. Overall, they appear humanoid with touches of one of four elements manifesting in different ways. They are split into four common categories determined by elemental affinity. The categories are Sylph, Undine, Ifrit, and Oread.

Part of the infant innocuations for Tarrakan include a mandatory genetic stabilization compound. The purpose for the compound is to keep the Tarrakan's unstable genetic code under control. If the infant is not given this shot at birth, there is a high risk the infant could become a feral elmental, change its affinity, or even gain some measure of control of the malestrom of chaos that makes a Tarrakan. A weak destabilizer compound exists on the black market, for those who want to control their respective element, but overuse of either the abilities granted or the compound itself could lead to madnss, changing affinity, or complete degrade to becoming feral.


The most outgoing, passionate, and overall hastiest of the Tarrakan, the Ifrit are the manifestation of fire. Traits they could possess include elevatd body temperatures, pointed ears, flickering, seemingly flamelike hair, and in some cases, small pointed horns on their forehead. A destabilized Ifrit gains a measure of control over their own elmental energy, which can, at high concentrations, allow an Ifrit to convert their body into energy and travel as an electrical current.


A Sylph's elemental manifestation is not as pronounced as other Tarrakan. They tend to be pale and slight, almost delicite looking, usually with blue or gray swirly markings, similir to tattoos, covering their pale skin. A slight breeze also can follow them anywhere, even in closed rooms. Sylphs also tend to be very intelligent and agile, able to blend into a crowd without attracting attention, and always calculating possibilities, and depending on occupation, escape routes and notable hazards also. Destabilized Sylphs are able to completly dissapear from the material plane for a few seconds. While traveling like this, they can still carry their equipment, although it cannot affect anything. They also gain an increased footspeed and can interact with the world, although doung so ends the effect.


Oreads are the overall toughest of all the Tarrakan. The most common manifestations include earth tones for skin and hair, Gem colored eyes, hardened skin, and in some rare cases, crystalline hair and rocky growths. Personality wise, Oreads tend to be stoic, stable, calm, and quiet.


Undine are probably the most mysterious of the varieties of Tarrakan. They tend to keep to themselves more than any other, and they value community and cooperation more than the individual. They make very good Businessmen, as they developed a sharp sense of insight working with people everyday. In combat, they favor reflecting an enemies attacks rather than beating them with brute force.