Male Zuren

The Zuren are a race of small, subterranean, salamander-like creatures. Up until the founding of Blackwater City, they were rarely seen outside of their mountainous homeland, where they inhabited natural caves that dotted the cliffsides. As a result, they became incredibly adapt at climbing, to the point where some claim their feet emit an adhesive substance.

To compensate for their smaller stature and lack of physical strength, they becam adept at creating and using tools to accomplish their work. With the introduction of technology, their use of tools, along with their natural creativity, allowed for incredible leaps in complexity in a relatively short amount of time. Modern Zurens are masters of science and technology.

Many of the modern advances available are because of their constant refining and recreating devices. They tend to be physically weak, and as such, have always had trouble in melee combat, but with the invention of firearms, they are certainly not defenseless. It is common for Zurens to be heavily cyberized, which allows them easier access into computer systems and networks, and also gives them a way to mitigate their weaker athletic skills. Even Zuren without cybernetic parts still have some genetic modifications that other races don't posess. Any Zuren is capable of establishing a neural connection through skin contact, due to the Carbon Nanowire internal networking that has been written into their genetic code. the network allows for a Zuren to add itself to a network with nothing but an exposed wire.